EDP Pioneering

EDP is proud to introduce a new range of educational services and courses. Currently EDP has its own English and Vocational schools. Our newly established colleges are using educational methods that focus on practicality, and continuous improvements. EDP focus is to make education SMART. This means that students can access education which is (S)Specific, (M)Measurable, (A)Achievable, (R)Realistic, and (T)Time-Bound.

EDP College Trading as Competent:

EDP established its own college in 2016. EDP College is aiming to be the premium provider of various Vocational Courses and a pathway provider to University Courses. In fact, at EDP College, our purpose is to prepare students to succeed at finding good jobs or by pursuing further studies. We offer leading vocational courses in business and hospitality. We also planning to add new courses in Engineerings.

For more information about this college, please visit www.edpcollege.edu.au

EDP English:

EDP English currently offers English classes in Hanoi Vietnam. All our teachers are Australian native speakers, and they have extensive teaching experience.

EDP pioneering does not stop here. EDP is also committed into bringing education into High Tech Industries, and into Sustainable Development of Societies.