Kids Essential Educational Program-KEEP


Kids Essential Educational Program-KEEP

EDP is a highly committed organisation. We believe in doing good things for developing countries. For this reason, we have introduced the Kids Essential Educational Program or KEEP as we call it.

Through this program EDP collects donations in Australia and uses these donations to help build up schools in remote areas in Vietnam, Indonesia and Syria. This is a new program and we need everyone’s efforts to make it successful.

The main goal of this program is simple: we want to see all kids at school, no matter where they come from, or how poor they are.  We believe education is a right and not a privilege.


25% of our collected donations will be directed to the indigenous children in Australia. Our objectives of supporting the indigenous children here are:

  • maintain and support indigenous culture and traditions
  • reinforce indigenous culture and traditions


25% of our collected donations will be directed to the children of Syria. The war-torn country has left children in a very difficult situation. We want to do our part to keep children away from the extremely dangerous environment that the war brought about. Our objectives for Syria are:

  • rebuild, refurbish and equip schools with all the necessary tools to run properly
  • provide children with school kit
  • promote children’s rights

Vietnam and Indonesia:

12.5% of our collected donations will be directed to the children of Vietnam and Indonesia respectively (total of 25% for both countries). Our preliminary research indicated that children in these two countries suffer badly from abuses of human rights and they often drop off from schools to support their parents financially through child labour. Our objectives for Vietnam and Indonesia are:

  • increase public awareness of children’s rights to education
  • increase public awareness of the importance of children’s safety, and continuous protection

Research and Development:

25% of our collected donations will be directed to support continuous research on the best practice and methods to protect children in developing countries. Our continuous research will focus on the followings:

  • best methods to protect vulnerable children
  • social problems those affect children’s education
  • best ways to convince parents to send their children to schools
  • best practice to promote children’s learning capabilities

If you wish to know more about this program then please contact us directly.