Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning with EDP

Recognition is a process of acknowledging previously completed qualifications, skills, knowledge or experience. If you’re thinking about studying or training, think first about what skills you already have. You may be able to reduce the time it takes to get your qualification—you may not need to study at all.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is about the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through any form of learning at work, college, life experiences and/or voluntary activities.

For example, working in a hotel could help you get a certificate in hospitality. Working in a building and construction site could count towards a qualification in building and construction. Working as a volunteer in a kitchen may get you a certificate in cookery. RPL applies for both paid and unpaid work.

The benefits of recognition of prior learning include:

  • your skills are formally acknowledged with a nationally recognised qualification
  • you don’t have to waste time studying something you can already do
  • you may increase your career opportunities with a formal qualification
  • you may be able to fast-track completion of your qualification

For more information about Recognition of Prior Learning please visit our specialised website for this service